Thursday, August 18, 2011

Albert Berghetti

Albert Berghetti! This is a kid's favorite and one of my favorites as well! I made this in middle school in Mrs. Benson's class! Yes, I actually held onto it for that long, and I still use it! Albert Berghetti and his plate of spaghetti! While you read the poem on the back of the folder, pull the string (aka spaghetti) until you finish the poem! It's a ton of fun and the kids will want you to read it over and over again! I have also seen something like this but you have a poster with a face on it (it could be as simple as a smiley face) and everyone sings a song. If the kids are singing good and loud then the poster face will eat the spaghetti faster! It's a great way to get kids to participant! Here's the poem to Albert Berghetti:

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