Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For the Kids-Butterfly Snack Pack

I wanted to do something fun for the daycare kids and the 4-H CloverBuds! I grabbed inspriation from another blog and created this cute idea! This craft is simple, easy, fun and so cute!

All you need is:
-SNACK size plastic bag
-2 googly eyes
-wooden clothes pin
-Pipe Cleaner
1) Place a dab of hot glue on the top of the clothes pin (by where it opens at)
2) Before the glue dries, place the two googly eyes on the glue and firmly press down!

3) Take the snack size plastic bag and fill it with treats/snacks! Use snacks such as Pretzels, animal crackers, fruit snacks, cherrios and other cereals, popcorn, dried fruitM&M, marshmellows, goldfish!
4) Don't fill the bag all the way, leave some room to pinch and twist on the pipe cleaner.
5) Add the pipe cleaner and twist to securely hold the bag! This creates the butterfly's wings!
 6) Use the googly eyed clothes pin, open and clasp right in the middle of the bag

7) Bend the pipe cleaners in any way or shape to create the desired look! Now you have a cute little butterfly snack, that kids love to make!

 I hope you enjoy these and try them at home! Have fun!

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